To see our community fully surrendered to Jesus.

In the New Testament Jesus calls us to a faith that is all in and puts Him above all else! This begins with us and then extends to the world around us as we join in Christ’s mission to make disciples of all nations. We desire all of Kokomo and surrounding areas to know God and pursue full surrender to Jesus (Matthew 16: 24-26; Acts 1:8).


We will make disciples who make disciples of Jesus.

We will use a relational approach to discipleship, modeled by Jesus, where our community is engaged, taught, equipped, and released to multiply God’s Kingdom (Mt. 28:18-20; Mt. 4:19; 2 Tim. 2:2)


Reaching People Far From God

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, so we strive to do the same. 

We value reaching out in grace and truth into our communities as we show and share who Jesus is. 

We are willing to do anything short of sin to reach those who do not know Jesus (Luke19:10).


The Word Lived Out

We hunger to learn and live out God’s Word as it is our ultimate source of truth and guidance.  We believe that our spiritual transformation into the Image of Christ demands our engagement into the Word of God.  Saying that, we don’t want to merely be hearers of the Word but doers as well. (James1:22, Matthew7:24)

The Next Generation

We believe that our best legacy and investments are to the next generation.  Jesus highly valued children, so we do too.  The students of today are the leaders of the church tomorrow.

Doing Life Together

We are not strong enough to do this life alone.  We believe God designed us to thrive within the context of relationship.  We need relationships that are Christ centered that will push us toward Christlikeness. 

Made For More

Each of us has a part to play in building lives in Christ, which is our Kingdom Purpose.  We challenge ourselves and one another to discover our kingdom purpose by serving, trying new things, and stepping out of our comfort zone so lives can be built in Christ.  (Ephesians2:10) 

Extending Grace

None of us are perfect so we must have humility towards each other, allowing one another to make mistakes, change, and grow.  


For us, unity is an expectation as we believe that our health and growth depends on us staying unified.  Simply put, JRCC belongs to Jesus.